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As the representative of multiple design disciplines, DIGMA will give designers a stronger voice on policy issues that affect both the design industry and the larger state economy. DIGMA's convening function can also act as a catalyst for policy initiatives. For example, when the issue of bidding on public capital contracts came up at a recent Design Industry Roundtable discussion, a taskforce led by the Boston Society of Architects developed a position paper and recommendations for integrating design excellence standards into the public development process.

DIGMA's convening function can also act as a catalyst for policy initiatives.

Design Excellence

Design is not commonly associated with public policy in the U.S. Yet design policies such as the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 have had a profound effect on public design standards and American life. In recent years the design profession has succeeding in developing powerful standards for green building design and improving ballot design and voting practices. Currently, the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative is working on a groundbreaking effort to gain federal acceptance of ten design policy recommendations that promote national economic competitiveness and democratic governance.

Report of the U.S. National Design Policy Summit
Redesigning America's Future

Working closely with the Patrick administration, the Legislature and bodies such as the Massachusetts Creative Economy Council, DIGMA can help put Massachusetts at the forefront of state efforts to adopt forward thinking public design policies and practices.

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